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Anti-Bullying Week

Foxfields Academy

Anti-Bullying Week

All of the pupils participated in our first Anti-Bullying Week at Foxfields Academy in February. As a new school the focus of our first Anti-Bullying week was to embed an anti-bullying culture across the classes and within the whole school. In order to achieve this our pupils felt that it was really important to understand what bullying is, how to recognise bullying and how to respond to bullying. All pupils took part in daily activities which focused on;
-the definition of bullying, including cyber-bullying
-knowing who can help us in school, outside of school and external services if pupils are getting bullied themselves or are worried about somebody else being bullied
-recognising healthy and unhealthy relationships and how to respond to these
-identifying the part we can all play as individuals in stopping bullying.

Pupil’s voice was gained throughout all of the activities but the majority of pupils also took part in a formal questionnaire provided by the Anti-Bullying Alliance. The questionnaire responses were very positive and enabled us to get a full view of how the pupils feel at school and their experience of bullying in the past.
Pupils designed and created anti-bullying posters, which are now displayed around school as part of the aim of promoting positive anti-bullying messages throughout the school environment. All of the posters were entered into the anti-bullying poster competition and anonymously displayed for all pupils to vote on their two favourite posters. Logan from Donaldson class received the most votes for his anti-bullying poster.

Our anti-bullying work will continue beyond Anti-Bullying week and support us in working towards achieving an awarded ‘All Together School’ status from the Anti-Bullying Alliance.

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