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School Meals

Foxfields Academy

Lunch Menu Autumn Term 2

Lunches are freshly prepared on the school premises and cost £2.50 per day.

Schools throughout the Community Inclusive Trust move towards removing cash from their sites

The Community Inclusive Trust have taken the decision to remove the need for cash from site in order to ease the burden on staff from handling funds, increase accuracy of accounting and help parents and staff see exactly where they are on a minute by minute basis for everything from paying for school meals to school trips.

C.I.T. looked at various options and decided to employ one system across all schools in the Trust, that system was Pay by IRIS ParentMail. The system fully integrates with ParentMail’s communication systems as well as the MIS systems and Financial Software package employed by schools which will hopefully reduce the workload of staff meaning they can dedicate more time to assist in the education of pupils and support other areas of the school. It has the added advantage of being intuitive and easy to use by parents who we hope will see the benefit of implementing such a system.

School meals can be paid for termly, monthly or weekly via the account section on Parent Mail PMX. If you have any queries please contact the us:

At Foxfields Academy we regard lunchtimes as a valuable teaching and learning opportunity where personal, social and independence skills can be developed.

Arrangements can be made for pupils who require a special diet, and a vegetarian option is always available.

Free School Meals

There is a process for checking eligibility for Free School Meals. As a parent, you will need to apply using the link below.
Follow the onscreen instructions and once you have input all the information, the school will receive a notification if your child is entitled to Free School Meals within a couple of days.

Universal Infant FREE SCHOOL MEALS

Your child will automatically be eligible to get free school meals if they are in:
• Reception • Year 1 • Year 2

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