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Pupil Awards

Foxfields Academy

At Foxfields Academy we run a Pupil Awards programme

The school have a weekly assembly where we present pupils with the awards they have earnt throughout the week. Pupils are presented with a certificate and trophy for the following awards:
– Reader of the Week
– Writer of the Week
– Mathematician of the Week
– Sportsperson of the Week
– Pupil of the Week
– Class of the Week
If pupils are displaying excellence within Growth Mindset through resilience, respect and care, these pupils can be awarded the Growth Mindset Award.

Click the button below to view last year’s awards:

Pupil Awards 2022-23
Click on the icons below to view awards for the current academic year (2023-24):
17th May 2024
10th May 2024
3rd May 2024
26th April 2024
19th April 2024
12th April 2024
15th March 2024
8th March 2024
1st March 2024
16th February 2024
2nd February 2024
26th January 2024
19th January 2024
12th January 2024
21st December 2023
8th December 2023
1st December 2023
17th November 2023
10th November 2023
13th October 2023
6th October 2023
29th September 2023
22nd September 2023
15th September 2023
8th September 2023
1st September 2023
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