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Work Experience

Foxfields Academy

At Foxfields Academy, we will aim to give all pupils from Year 9 onwards the opportunity to gain an insight into the world of work through work experience placements within the community, work place visits and locally organised career events.

Work Experience
As part of the learning programme it helps pupils to:
• Experience work at first hand
• Understand how an employing organisation functions
• Experience social relationships at work
• Appreciate the expectations that employees will have of fellow workers
• Assess how they will adapt to working patterns and relationships outside school
• Gain the self-confidence needed in the adult world which in turn increases self-esteem and self-worth
• Develop skills and knowledge for adult life

Foxfields Academy will organise the placement which will then be approved by the Leicestershire Education Business Company. Once consent letters have been received from parent/carers the placement will then be confirmed.
Work experience opportunities will be advertised, pupils complete application forms and go through an interview process. We also work with pupils to organise more personal placements.
A staff member will be available to support pupils and will accompany those who may require it.
During the period of work experience the pupil is required to complete a work experience log book provided by the school. The school will visit the pupil during their time on placement and will keep a record of this. All employers complete a short report at the end of the placement.
Work experience placements usually last for either one full day or ½ a day a week for 6 weeks, however, extended work experience may be offered to pupils to support engagement or to enable them to enrol on a specific course at college.

Work Place Visits
Alongside work experience placements we also offer work place visits. These visits are key to igniting pupils interest in potential future careers. They give pupils the opportunity to visit work places as a group and discover the different roles that are available.

Careers Events
Pupils will also have the opportunity to attend various careers events. These events are supported by businesses/employers to give an insight into different areas of local employment. The days are very hands on and pupils get a practical taste of different job opportunities that perhaps they had not thought of before.

Careers Advice
At Foxfields we think it’s vitally important that we fully prepare our pupils for further education, training or employment once they move on from us.
From Year 9 we provide clear and relevant guidance for Post 16 options. This will include independent careers advice, access to internal and external provision, local colleges and training providers. By working closely together we try to ensure a smooth and clear transition for all our pupils whatever they choose to do.
We understand that this can be a very daunting time for both pupils and parents/carers so we try to give as much support and guidance as possible. CLICK HERE for more details.

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